OneNote Faculty Management

As a Curriculum Leader for the Creative Arts I have been looking for a system to help me manage and structure the policies that underpin the faculty.

CA Fac OneNote 1

I have used OneNote this year as a way of developing the use of technology across the faculty but also to make whole school policies active and connected to each other hopefully in a visual and accessible way for all staff.

The faculty notebook is in it’s infancy but so far I have found OneNote a fantastic tool to create a Digital Hub in which I can direct staff to a wealth of resources to support the students in classroom.  The welcome page is a guide/contents page for staff and what I really like about OneNote is that we can add links to sites such as our Creative Arts Flickr site.

Within the Content Library we have a number of sections such as –

  • Faculty Improvement Plan, Faculty Evaluation documents and Ofsted Guidance etc.
  • Whole School Training Program information – Learning Walks, Work Scrutiny, YouTube clips to formative assessment resources.
  • Differentiation Strategies feeding back from whole school training sessions.
  • Assessment Points – Tracking student progress as a cohort for subject leaders.
  • Appraisal Targets – Logging progress using OneNote, adding files, links to websites/courses etc.
  • MIE Sharing Practice.
OneNote allows us to highlight, circle, write on and amend information so the documents become active and we can review and monitor the impact we are having on student progress.

CA Fac OneNote 2

Within each section we have a number of pages in which I have added interactive content.  I have made a Sir Ken Robinson page (inspirational advocate for creativity in teaching and in which I have shared YouTube clips of his talks, links to his website and the RDA Animate videos.   I have also shared the UK and Global MIE Connection calls so as many people as possible can share in the MIE experience.

CA Fac OneNote 4

We are also able to monitor learning walks, work scrutiny and set actions for staff to address. All of which is contained in one notebook and accessible on any internet device in and out of work.

I have found it an invaluable resource that has helped me to see the connections between the different structures and policies that I have to manage and then be able to share and review these documents with staff across the faculty.

CA Fac OneNote 3

We have also developed individual department sections within the notebook and used these to print documents to OneNote such as department handbooks, assessment policies, and individual year group information.

Each staff member has their own personal notebook within the faculty OneNote in which we can minute meetings, set To Do lists, log our Additional Needs and Off Track student case studies and review our own appraisal targets.

It would be great to see how other people have used OneNote as a management resource for a department or faculty.

I’m very new to this and I often take the long road around so any shortcuts or OneNote tips would be gratefully received!


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  1. I’ve started looking at using OneNote for everything in my Department – from using it as a ‘teacher planner’ replacement to hosting my Departmental File. Also looking at moving pupil workbooks over (in future) – but this has been taken over by Sway experiments.

    It’s a cracking piece of software from Microsoft

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