Seattle Collaboration Update

We have been working here at Alsager in the UK with Lynwood High School in Seattle, Washington USA to develop a collaborative photography project for our A Level photography students.

Over the past few months we have been developing how we are going to do this and what we will do.

I am really pleased to say that we have been able (through OneNote) to get this up and running and we have completed our first project called ‘Photo Booth’.

OneNote Collaboration

It was amazing to be able to upload the Photoshop JPEG template file to the Collaboration Space and then have both sets of students access and use the resource thousands of miles apart in different time zones.

Photo OneNote Collaboration 1

We took our students to Liverpool and the American students went to Seattle to produce a documentary shoot.  The images were then taken into Photoshop and using a template the students created their very own Photo Strip of their selected images.

As we have used the Collaboration Space we can add comments and feedback on the same canvas as the images and start to create a dialogue about the work between the two photography departments.

It was a challenge to get the students in Seattle access to our UK OneNote as I wanted them to have their own student notebooks that I could see and we had school permissions that we needed to consider.

Thanks to our IT technicians they were able to give the students a unique email address so they can now see not only the Collaboration Space but access all the resources we have developed in the Content Library.

We are really looking forward to how this develops over the year and organising our first Skype meeting!





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