Art HAL & OneNote – The First Step …

HAL Image 2

One of my aims for 2016 is to actively involve students in the development of OneNote and to let them explore and develop their own individual creative directions as art students using this new technology.

We have a HAL (High Ability Learners) programme at school, which in essence has replaced the Governments Gifted and Talented scheme in the UK.  It is a way of stretching and challenging the top attaining and performing students, refining their understanding and application of creative art techniques and processes.

In my experience when students are engaged in their own learning they have invested something of themselves in the activity or project.  We are developing individual student projects within the art curriculum and I felt that the HAL programme is a fantastic opportunity for the students to push this further and take ownership of their own learning using technology.

It is important to let the students develop their use of technology and OneNote independently but within a supportive framework and pedagogic structure.

I am really looking forward to –

  • Seeing what students in different year groups creatively produce and how they engage with the Content Library, Collaboration Space and their own digital canvas.
  • How students use and manage their time working on much longer timescales, outside of the 1 hour traditional lesson blocks.
  • Discovering when students work on OneNote and on what device or combination of devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, use of mobile phones, Xbox?

I am starting to put together a HAL Class OneNote notebook for the HAL Art students in year 7, year 8, year 9 and Year 10.  I hope that over time the students will use the Collaboration Space to collaborate with students across year groups and break down year group classifications.

I am still planning the exact content but I am keen to tap into the Project Based Learning model.  I have been fortunate enough to attend a presentation in the UK on Project Based Learning from High Tech High in San Diego, USA.

I will keep updating this blog as the year progresses and any feedback or ideas would be gratefully received!



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