OneNote – What’s in it for the staff?

The Microsoft EduCast presented by Mark Sparvell One Amongst Many: Pathways to a Connected Educator with Microsoft was fantastic and it has made me really think about the most effective way I can share what I have learnt from OneNote Central and the MIEE programme with staff from across different departments.

Dianne P.Krause presented during the EduCast and I liked how she distilled down into four key words how to effectively connect as an educator –

  • Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Create
Collaboration is key and Dianne suggested that we find a group of people who challenge and inspire us and spend time learning and sharing ideas with them.

I want to thank OneNote Central on Twitter for their support and advice on using OneNote.  It has been really helpful to tweet ideas and questions and then to get answers and advice from experts in the field.  One of the great pieces of advice I received was to a question I asked about the best way to lead a staff training session on OneNote.

Your sessions should answer just one question: “What’s in it for THEM”

I liked the way the Microsoft EduCast was presented so we could watch and interact with guest speakers from all over the globe in addition to having OneNote open at the same time.  I could make notes and they were shared immediately with staff thanks to OneNote.

EduCast Jan 12th 1

So I have developed a School Staff Training OneNote ready for our training session next Monday.

The main aim is to help break down what OneNote can do for staff and for their students and also enable staff to learn at their own pace when time allows.  I didn’t want to hand out paper worksheets to advocate the use of a paperless way of working so a training OneNote made sense.

The copy and move function is really useful and it has enabled me to create a section in the Staff Training OneNote in which I can add examples from other OneNotes of what staff could use the Collaboration Space for.

By creating this training resource, I hope staff will see the possibilities of using OneNote and experiment with new ways of using the technology.

As Dr. Dianne Steinbeck from Holly Springs Elementary Stem Academy stated during the Microsoft EduCast, the important thing is ‘Where are we going next?’ with OneNote and how we apply these new skills and techniques to match the needs of our students.




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