Collaboration Space – Tracking Student Progress

I wanted to share how we are using the Collaboration Space within OneNote as a ‘digital assessment hub’.  The aim is to help staff reflect upon the progress their students are making as effectively as possible, bringing together all the different elements that as teachers we need to manage and review.

It would be great to see if other people are using OneNote in this way and to share approaches and ideas.

CA Fac OneNote 6

We have a ‘Tracking Student Progress’ section within the Collaboration Space.  I initially put this section in the Content Library, however it soon became clear that we were missing out on an opportunity to collaborate with each other.  It was the responsibility of one person to update the content and not a team effort.

I feel for any new technology to embed in education it is important that it has a positive impact for students, it is shared between staff and we all have a part in its development.  We can then share our experiences and refine the way we are using OneNote as an educational tool.

Staff this week have been writing their analysis of Key Stage 5 (A Level) student progress direct into OneNote.  Previously we have used Word and emailed the documents back and forth.  I am hoping this approach keeps the information ‘live’ and accessible.

By using OneNote we are able to see every department’s analysis within one digital hub, the information is active not passive and we can move between the subject and year groups pages to quickly identify –

  • Any students who are underperforming across the faculty.
  • Students that have made progress.
  • How effective our teacher intervention and In Class Action strategies have been from the previous analysis.

I have also found the Screen Clipping tool fantastic and a real time saver.  We have used it to grab the assessment data from our source location and then place it next to the analysis questions within OneNote.

CA Fac OneNote 7

Staff can then see the data in front of them whilst they are writing their analysis, reducing the need to move between different programs to find the data.  The aim is to create an ‘assessment hub’ so staff can focus on reflecting on individual student progress and the differentiated support each student needs.







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