Art HAL & OneNote – Minecraft

Following the fantastic Microsoft Hack The Classroom event on Saturday 30th January 2016 #hacktheclassroom it really got me thinking about how I could use technology and art to give students further opportunity to create and innovate.

Hack the Classroom 1

It was great to hear the speakers discussing the need to let the students make and navigate their own creative journey.

Hearing Hadi Partovi, Leah Obach, Rafranz Davis, Jeff Kash and Dale Dougherty talk about how positively technology has engaged students was really inspiring.  There are so many resources to use thanks to the Microsoft community that I feel confident that I can go out of my comfort zone as a teacher and develop art projects using new technology that the students lead.

With this in mind I wanted to bring together elements of Minecraft and Coding that Hadi Partovi, Leah Obach and Rafranz Davis discussed within a digital OneNote hub as inspired by the OneNote work of Jeff Kash all linked by the ‘Maker’ ethos advocated by Dale Dougherty.

The plan is to work with our High Ability Learners (HALs) in art to develop student creativity using art and technology.  I have started to develop the Art HAL OneNote a bit further so it is now based on Minecraft and coding to engage with art works using this new technology.

I would like to thank Simon Baddeley  @SimBadd64 and Sian Thomas @SianTechyThomas  for their help.  Simon directed me to the amazing work Adam Clarke @thecommonpeople  is doing with Minecraft and art.

The work Adam has done with the Tate Gallery is truly inspirational. It is an incredibly powerful way to engage students with artwork and art movements, using a format that students are already immersed with, Minecraft.  I recommend looking at another of Adam’s projects – an art and Minecraft collaboration with the artist David Best

I am really looking forward to how the students approach this project and I hope to keep the blog updated as we set off on our OneNote, Minecraft and art expedition.





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