Microsoft E2 Educator Exchange

I have just published my OneNote Lesson Plan on the Microsoft Educator Community in preparation for the Microsoft E2 Educator Exchange in Budapest in March.
This Lesson Plan outlines how we have used OneNote as a digital learning platform to structure the A-Level Photography course at Alsager School, Cheshire, UK. It also outlines how we have used the Collaboration Space in the same OneNote to collaborate with another Photography department at Lynwood High School in Seattle, Washington, USA.
I’m feel very lucky to have the opportunity to go to Budapest and I can’t wait to see and learn from other teachers and educators on how technology is transforming teaching and learning across the globe.
As part of the exchange I need to prepare a presentation linking back to my Microsoft Educator Community OneNote lesson plan.  I thought a good place to start would be to ask the students and involve them in what I should present.
As usual the students had some very creative and imaginative  ideas –
  • Include Student Voice – Students responses to using OneNote.
  • Show the process and how the sections link to each other.
  • Screen Clip the OneNote prior to Budapest and create a Sway presentation.
  • Wear the OneNote purple cape!
I am hoping to blog my experience at E2 to share the amazing work that teachers are doing with technology across the globe.

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