Microsoft E2 – Learning Marketplace

I am just getting ready for Microsoft E2 Budapest and I really can’t wait to go.  I’m very lucky to be able to attend, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn and share ideas.

The whole exchange is focused on teaching and learning and how teachers can use technology to effectively support and develop students understanding across the curriculum.  Microsoft have based the event around the theme of ‘Hack the Classroom’  this Twitter feed is a fantastic teaching resource to get ideas on how to use technology with students.

Microsoft define a Classroom Hack as

‘An innovative, possible solution to a common classroom problem that can be universally implemented’

It sounds wonderful and there is a real focus on collaboration between teachers from across the globe.  Microsoft want to learn from the teachers and we will be involved in a range of workshops and activities working together from different countries, educational sectors and industry.  It is a holistic approach where everyone shares ideas for the sole aim of supporting children and educators in the classroom.

In the Learning Market Place we will be able to share/present what we have been doing back in our own schools/areas with other educators and pick up hundreds of lesson plan ideas and approaches to bring back with us.

I’ve started to put together my own Marketplace board using Photoshop so hopefully I can also share it digitally with staff back at school.



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