Preparing for a New Academic Year

It is nearly the end of this academic year and I haven’t blogged for a few weeks simply due to examinations and the final submission of portfolios in May and June.

As we were navigating the examination period I thought about the pressure points in the school calendar on staff and students and how important it is to reflect upon how effective we have been in our provision.

There are key points in the year in which the opportunity for curriculum innovation and development can be explored and times in which these developments needed to have been embedded so they can be effective in supporting students especially during examination periods.

I am currently playing around with timescales and thinking about how important it is that we build upon the advances we have made this year with OneNote, SharePoint and Sway.

I will be updating the blog over the summer as we look to develop the following –

OneNote – A Level digital hub for both Photography and Fine Art students.

Surface – All the art department staff will have a Surface for September 2016 and we will use it to track student progress at A level, using digital ink for feedback and photographing student artwork direct into OneNote.

Sway – Art department Schemes of Work (Projects) created on Sway and then used by staff in every lessons via Surface and the wireless projectors. Include Learning Objectives, differentiation, interactive resources, Health & Safety and lesson activities with examples of previous students work to inspire the students. These will also be embedded into the students SharePoint areas to view at home with parents.

SharePoint – Creation of a Digital Hub (Instagram in style) to help with the development of Flipped learning and Home Learning for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

OneNote – Refine our Creative Arts Faculty management notebook and use of OneNote student support Case Studies.  This has been very successful and adopted by other areas.

ClassDojo – We are looking forward to the new developments in ClassDojo with the introduction of student led portfolios for Year 7 and Year 8 students.  it is a great way to engage parents with what is happening in the classroom.

Digital Drawing – This has been a revelation this year as GCSE students who found traditional drawing methods challenging have embraced drawing with Photoshop. Now we have Surface devices we are really excited about developing this further letting the students lead the way.

FlipHtml5 – Created digital ePortfolios of the A Level Photography coursework.  These have been fantastic and we have been able to link the students work direct into OneNote and embed the HTML5 code into our main school website.

Twitter – Building upon the collaboration seen in the MIE-Experts tweets continue to develop our own Creative Arts Twitter feed.

CArts Twitter

Flickr Site – Continue to promote and add Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 3 work to our Creative Arts Showcase Flickr site

Skype – Give students the opportunity to experience different approaches to art through planned Skype sessions that link to their studies.

We are working together as a team to develop our use of technology as we want to give the students the opportunity to take this technology in the direction they want to go.


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