Joining the dots

I’ve been continuing to develop the Art student SharePoint from my last post getting ready for September and the new term.

What I am really enjoying is how you can experiment with Microsoft software and make content that leads you into new directions you never thought of at the time.  I tend to work with a basic idea of what we need to get together but then as I make it I  wander and I think about the question what happens if I ….

Sometimes this results in me doing things the long way round as I try to understand the technology, but I do feel it helps me understand how students or staff who are not familiar with the software may feel when using it for the first time.

I am trying to approach the use of Microsoft technology in the classroom from a learners perspective.  What type of technology in what combinations would be of most value to the students we teach?

The images above illustrate what we have designed and how the SharePoint leads students and staff to Sway Schemes of Work (art projects) and the Home Learning Art OneNote.

I think technology is most effective in combination and we have combined our use of Surface, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Sway creating a digital Hub for students and staff.

Home Learning, Parental Engagement & OneNote

Home Learning (Home Work) is a key area that I feel this new use of technology can support us with.  We have set in place the following –

  • SharePoint digital hub with a specific Home Learning Calendar embedded within the SharePoint.
  • Link to a Home Learning OneNote (shared between all art students in Y7-11).  The OneNote will contain all the Home Learning tasks in the Content Library with embedded video and resources.  Each student will have 2 individual areas – My Art Pad and Parent Guardian Feedback.
  • We want to work with parents and I am hoping that OneNote will be a great way to engage not only the students but parents and guardians in the learning journey.

As we move through the year there will hopefully be opportunity to refine how we use SharePoint, Sway and OneNote and we can look to add Forms into the Home Learning tasks.












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