Digital Inking

I have been asked on Twitter how we are using Surface and OneNote as a form of formative assessment in lessons.  So I thought I could share a few things we are developing.

We are using OneNote for assessment for both A Level Fine Art and Photography courses.

With the Fine Art course, OneNote and the Surface have really helped us to photograph and record student artwork direct into OneNote then using the Surface digital ink the students art work and give written and recorded feedback.

The OneNote canvas is a great way to monitor/track how student artwork progresses as it has no boundaries and through regular visual assessment we can build up a clear picture of how the work has developed.  The student can also see how their artwork has changed over time and it has really helped with developing student confidence.

Students have been given QR codes to access the OneNote so they can access it through their mobile phones and view the feedback anytime they need.

Not every lesson involves using the Surface to record formative feedback we have taken a blended approach as we feel it is important we use feedback effectively and conversations with students in conjunction with timely written feedback has been really powerful.

We have tried recording our tutorials but with the OneNote version we currently use the video can not be played back within OneNote on mobile.  Once we have access to the OneNote version that supports this we will use a combination of digital inking, photography, typed feedback and recorded tutorials.





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