Community Dementia Art Project – OneNote Planning

The Alsager Partnership (Facebook – have invited us at Alsager School to create a community art project as part of the town’s bid to become a ‘Dementia Friendly Town’.  The starting point was the wish to create an innovative and collaborative community art project that raises awareness of dementia and positively impacts the lives of people living with dementia in the local community.

It is a wonderful project and opportunity for everyone involved and our first step was to research dementia and to meet with the wonderful people at the Alsager Partnership.

The Alsager Partnership are developing an exciting and supportive programme of events to raise awareness and provide more support for people living with dementia, bringing the local community together in a common cause.  I attended a ‘Dementia Friendly Open Evening’ that the Partnership had organised to share plans with the local community how to make Alsager a ‘Dementia Friendly Town’.

The images below show how I have used OneNote to help me with planning and using the Surface Pro 4 I was able to digital ink and review our research.  OneNote has really helped me to share the project with staff and students at school and to keep track of how the project is developing on top of my day to day teaching commitments.


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