Community Dementia Art Project – Constructing the Sway Life Stories

Students are using all the materials, conversations, stories and notes they have collected from the previous art workshops to construct and design personalised Sway Life Stories for the couples.

The Sway allows individuals and families to create a digital interactive history, moving forward and back in the dynamic presentation at their own pace selecting what video to play while looking at any of the photographs and artwork that they wish.  You can stop at any time on key moments allowing for different attention spans and specific interests of an individual on a specific day.

As the Sway is in the Microsoft Cloud it’s accessible whenever needed and we hope it could be used to inform any future carer about the person living with dementia.

The Sway can be viewed on any Internet enabled device at any time of day, multiple people can view the Sway at the same time at any point they wish.  The software has no barriers to learning, it is free and accessible by anyone with Internet access.  It also allows families to edit and to add more content to differentiate the Sway to match their changing needs.

We are running an additional session so we can share the Sway’s with the couples and involve them in the Sway digital making process.  It is important to all of us that this is an inclusive process and we are sensitive to the needs of the couples.  We want to do our very best to showcase and present their beloved memories with care and consideration. Crucially telling their story the way they want it to be told.

To help the students learn about the Sway, we set up a Robert Rauschenberg Sway research project linked to the art collage workshop.  We introduced the students to Sway and asked them to create a Sway all about Rauschenberg and Pop Art that included a wide variety of media and Sway cards.

Sway RR 1

Sway RR 2

The students involved in the project will be recognised as Alsager School ‘Digital Leaders’ and will share their digital skills with fellow students and staff across the school.

We are really looking forward to sharing the Sways with the couples in the next workshop.



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