Community Dementia Art Project – Sharing Stories & Making Art

We decided it was important that the next art workshop should be the week after the initial coffee morning, as it was so positive and everyone involved was really keen to meet again as soon as possible.

Now that we knew each other better we were able to use the power of art and making to help share even more details and information about the couples history, using the very photographs and artifacts the couples have brought in as stimulus for the artwork.

Our aim was to combine aspects of Reminiscence therapy with student led art workshops.  We wanted to give the couples the opportunity to share their life stories with the students and to make and create their own mixed media art collages inspired by the artwork of Robert Rauschenberg but using the couples own images.

We have photographed the sessions and shared this via our Alsager School Creative Arts Flickr site if you would like to see how the project is developing.

We have found that the couples and the students are so involved in sharing their life stories that we needed to organise an extra art session as the first session was not long enough!

The making activity was designed a part of the larger project in which we wanted to give the students the opportunity to blend traditional art techniques with contemporary use of technology reflecting 21st century practices.

It was important that the art project reflected, involved and celebrated the community spirit of Alsager in which students from Alsager School were given the opportunity to lead the art project working creatively with the local community and developing their 21st century skills.

As a school, we are working with Microsoft and we wanted to use the school’s innovative use of technology and the exciting opportunities that Microsoft 365 offers students to develop an art project for the community that we hope will positively enrich and support people living with dementia and their families.

The aim of the art project is to create personalised interactive Sway life stories using the very artwork and photographs we have been privileged enough to have had shared with us by people living with dementia and their families.


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