Community Dementia Art Project – Sharing Stories & Memories

We held our first workshop as a coffee morning in school so we could all meet and get to know each other in a relaxed environment.  It was a fantastic first meeting and we were able to look at the wonderful photographs and artifacts that the couples brought with them and learn about the stories and meaning behind the images.

The students were able to meet the couples they will be working with, get to know them and ask questions.  It was amazing to see generations coming together to share stories and I have to thank  John Poulson, Kath Reader and Maria Ashdown from the Alsager Partnership (Twitter / Facebook who gave us the opportunity to be part of their Alsager Dementia Friendly town initiative and they have really supported us with the art project.

Following this meeting the couples kindly allowed us to take away their photographs and artifacts and we carefully photographed and digitally cataloged them.   It has been a wonderful experience getting to know the couples and they have really embraced the project and been so kind and open sharing their history with us.

Digi Cataloge 1

We will then use these digital images to print copies that students can use to collage and help the couples create their own personal collage artwork  based on the artwork of Robert Rauschenberg in the following workshops.

There is a stunning retrospective of Rauschenberg’s work currently on at Tate Modern that I can’t recommend enough.






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