Community Dementia Art Project – Refining the Sway Life Stories

We were very excited to arrange an extra workshop after the collage art session as we all felt we would like more time to share stories and to create the artwork.  Also as the students had already started creating the Sway’s in school we were able to share with the couples the Sways so far in this extra workshop.

The students used the workshop to refine their approach to the Sway making sure the couples had the opportunity to communicate their story the way they wanted it to be told.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to show the couples how you can combine image, text, sound and video creatively in the Sway.

Alsager AP Art Dementia Sway FRI 17th 2

Looking at the photographs via a stack or the comparison slider was very powerful, however when we added video and music the Sway came alive and triggered wonderful conversations and recollections, building upon and enhancing the content in the Sway.

It has fostered sincere and meaningful story telling between the students and the couples based on personal experiences and cherished memories.  The next session we aim to build on this fantastic experience and give the couples the confidence and skills to engage with the Sway independently.

The link below will take you to our Creative Arts Flickr site where you can see how the project has developed so far –

Creative Arts Flickr Site

C Arts Dementia Art Project 1




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