Community Dementia Art Project – Refining The Sways & Introducing

We held another Sway art workshop in school before we finished for the Easter break.

We were able to share with the couples the evolving Sways and use the opportunity to confirm final Sway details such as dates, locations and what type of media they would like presented.  It is crucial for the project that the couples are involved in the way their digital stories are told and the Sways reflect their needs and wishes.

We were able to share with Alsager Partnership and the couples how we are hosting the Sways on Microsoft  It is fundamental for the success of the project that the individual Sways can be accessed whenever the couples want to view the Sway, such as in the comfort of their own home.

I am really looking forward to designing our site over the Easter break and makes it so easy to create a profile in minutes with a personalised URL for easy sharing. The image below is the default layout when you sign in, we will change the URL once we are ready to launch the profile.

Docs 1

It is a great way to combine different Microsoft technologies through our school 365 account and will give us the scope to develop a journal and see who has viewed and shared content so we can understand our audience and refine our approach.

I will post an update and a link to our profile over the next few weeks, once I have designed and uploaded the Sways.





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