Announcing the launch of

I’m very excited and proud to announce the launch of

Alsager School students have been working with Alsager Partnership and Microsoft to create a technologically innovative and collaborative community project that raises awareness of dementia and supports and positively impacts the lives of people living with dementia in the community. As a school it was important that the project also supported Alsager town’s successful bid to become the first Dementia Friendly Town in Cheshire East.

sway ls 1.1

The project involves a series of art workshops that lead to a personalised interactive Microsoft Sway Life Story for people living with dementia, their families and careers to use to help with memory and reminiscence.

Sway Life Stories is our new Sway dementia community project digital hub.  It is a bespoke website that has been designed to showcase the outstanding community work our students do, how they have supported people living with dementia and how communities can learn to set up their own Sway Life Story community project.

The website would not have happened without the amazing support and creative drive of the founder of Hable Mark Reynolds and the graphic design skills of Guy Townsend.  Both have taken time out from their busy schedules to create the website and have championed the project from the outset.

The website allows the couples we have worked with to view and share their Sway Life Stories and we hope the Sway’s presented inspire others to develop their own projects.

Dementia Mem Cafe Alsager 1

The dementia community project has been such a wonderful experience to be part of.  I am proud to be part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) community @microsofteduk  @MicrosoftEDU , it has enabled me to reach out to educators across the globe for support, inspiration and advice and has helped us to develop and refine our project using 21st Century technology with the aim of bringing communities together.

Please check out the Microsoft Educator Community (MEC) which contains a wealth of exciting and dynamic support, resources and lesson plans for anyone wanting to develop their Microsoft 365 skills.

I also want to thank

  • Kath Reader and the Alsager Partnership for the inspirational work they do in the community.
  • Mandeep Atwal and Hector Minto for their continuing support from Microsoft and also for taking the time to visit us in Alsager at the launch of the Alsager Partnership dementia Cafe.

The use of Microsoft Sway has enabled us to work with people living with dementia to create an interactive story of their lives, combining imagery, artwork, sound and video that along with the use of touch screen tablets and mobile devices combines to create a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience.

MIEE Spotlight 7

“I really enjoyed doing the project. I especially loved seeing the reactions on the couples faces, once the project had finished, and we presented the finished project to them. It was an inspirational and spectacular experience. Helping the couple make the presentation and the artwork made me learn alot about the past of our town and I loved learning about their adventures during life. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely encourage others to participate in the future.”


We feel we are at the start of the journey and with the launch of we are very excited to where the project will lead us…



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